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Hello and welcome to seocolumbusohio.org, the number #1 Internet Marketing Advertising Agency in Columbus according to Google. We know what it takes to rank #1 and we are here to help you out with your search engine optimization needs. Fill out our application or call the number provided to hear more. Please leave a message if we are unable to answer your call.

#1 & #2 Ranking Columbus Ohio
#1 & #2 Ranking Columbus Ohio

Our services will not only grow your customer base but it will also give your business the exposure it deserves by increasing your organic rankings in Google. We believe that our services are second to none and if at any time you feel as if we are not performing up to your expectations you can cancel at any time. We want to make sure that you are getting the most out of our services, in order to do this we offer month to month contracts.

The search engines like Google drive the internet. Google accounts for 80% of the searches on the web and not only that but these are high-quality relevant search results where potential customers are looking to have their problems solved. Imagine if your website was there ranking at the top of Googles search engine ready to help out your potential customers. Imagine how much more business your company would be getting instead of your competitors who are currently ranking ahead of you.

We will not only rank you for your selected key terms but we will also concentrate on branding, where we will be able to rank you for other social properties such as facebook, linkedin, and youtube. Ranking these types of properties and citations such as yelp will drive more customers to look at your business’ information and increase the likely hood of them doing business with you. Getting in front of the customers is a main priority that we know how to do and focus on so the customers see your website and take action.

Of course, it is not easy to reach the first page of the search engines. In order to do this, we must have the proper strategy in place which is no problem at all with our search engine optimization experience. We will set up the proper plan of action in order to carry out operations and activities that ensure an optimal organic positioning over time. This is strategy includes social profiles and citations as mentioned before as well as other various types of backlinks. This combination paired up with the proper on-page optimization will have your site ranking on the first page of Google in a short amount of time.

We offer professional services by a highly specialized and continuously learning staff on industry news to reassure you that you are receiving the best products and services to give you the solutions that you desire. There is not a unique approach to our services because every business is different so every campaign is different, however, we know the fundamental strategy of what works and we are able to tailor it to the specifics of your company.

Our Services

If you have a business in Columbus, Ohio, then what better way to help your business grow than search engine optimization. SEO is an essential part of online advertising and the majority of businesses have already incorporated it into their marketing strategy.

There are a few steps to create a successful campaign …

1) Select the best keywords for your brand based on competitiveness and ROI
2) Next, we are going to want to make sure that we have the proper on page optimization
3) Now we want to concentrate on branding by creating social profiles and getting your business out in front of people in various ways such as creating relevant citations as well
4) Blog commenting and directory posts are key components that will help your site rank, we will work on this for you behind the scenes to help rank your site in Googles search engine
5) Lastly, we are going to provide you with the backlinks necessary to get your site ranked where we want it to be

Depending on how competitive the key term is that we are targeting, it could take anywhere from 6-12 months, maybe longer and sometimes shorter. Along the way, it is very important to keep track of the progress and keep you up to date with what is going on. We prefer to use FreedCamp in order to do this. If you would like to hear more feel free to call us or send us an email. If you are ready to get going than please take a few minutes to fill out the discovery form below and we will send you a video analysis of your site and what are plan of action will be if you so choose to work with us. Thanks.

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